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About Me

I was born in Dallas where my father was principal trumpet in the Dallas symphony from 1969-1993. Growing up, he would regularly go on trumpet and organ tours through Europe with the late Paul Riedo. I was lucky to be able to tag along on some of the tours. My dad and Paul have recorded several CD's on the Crystal Records label (CD230, CD232, CD234, CD512 and CD666). I studied trumpet but always just played for fun. I went to the University of Texas and majored in mechanical engineering. I played in the marching band there and also built a formula race car with the Society of Automotive Engineers. I graduated with a BSME and started working for Texas Instruments in the Digital Light Processing division. The group I was in designed digital projectors to replace film projectors in movie theaters (DLP Cinema). This was a fun and exciting job but after almost eight years, I needed a change. I quit in October of 2003 to take some time off, relax and build this organ. Over the next three and half years, I worked on the organ, took some long vacations and did some part time contract work for a small optics technology company called Brilliant Technologies. I finished the organ in January of 2007 and had the dedication recital in April. I moved to Tacoma in June of 2007 and now I work for Paul Fritts and Company Organ Builders. My hobbies include tennis, hiking, cycling, camping, trumpet, trying to speak French and since moving to Tacoma, I've become an avid mountain climber and active memeber of the Tacoma Mountaineers. My father and one sister live in Dallas, my other sister lives in Colorado and my mom lives in France near Tours.