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Organ Bench

The basic design of the organ bench is from the Laukhuff catalog. I made a blank in the shape of the legs. Here are the legs before being cut out:

I rough cut them on the band saw about 1/8 inch outside the line:

Then I used double sided tape to attach the blank to the leg:

I used a flush trimming router bit to cut out the leg. The router bit wasn't long enough to trim the whole leg in one pass:

So I used another router bit from the other side to trim to the top side:

These two cuts left the board looking like two separate piece because the bits were turning opposite directions.

The division disappeared after a little sanding:

Here are four identical legs:

The top of the bench has a slight radius on the front. Here I am sketching out the 16 foot radius:

Here's the jig I made to cut the dovetail on the ends of the rails:

The foot rest is attached to the end cross pieces by a .75 inch dowel. The cross pieces attach to the legs in the same manner:

Here's a rail being glued to the legs:

Here's the final glue up:

Instead of using an expensive adjustable bench mechanism, I chose to use spacer blocks. The bench can be adjusted 1 inch lower or 1.5 inches higher than nominal in .5 inch increments. Nominal height is 20.5 inches from the playing surface of the middle key to the top of the bench. Here are the spacer blocks for one side:

Here's the bench without any spacers which is 1 inch below nominal:

Here's the bench with a 1 inch spacer block which is nominal:

And here's the bench with two 1 inch blocks and one .5 inch block:

And here's the complete bench:

I made a compartment in the top to store the spacer blocks and music: